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A Vampire's Lament

by Balthrop, Alabama



I been skulking through the shadows for so damn long
Trying to do right but I can only do wrong
Wondering where the hell on earth do I belong
Won’t you listen to the rest of my song

I’m a cursed old troll with a heart of coal
All these trials and tribulations have taken their toll
I’m thirsty for the blood of an innocent soul
Now won’t you let me make a couple of holes

Yeah gimme just a little hit
I swear it won’t hurt a bit
These fangs are a perfect fit
For the nape of your neck
You’ll get this feeling way down deep in your soul
You’ll be dancing on the ceiling and you’ll never grow old

Feel my slender fingers running through your hair
Surrender to me darling and come down to my lair
Your blood so scarlet and your skin so fair
I wanna take you with me everywhere

And we’ll be partying with all of my friends
And hoping that the night never ends
But when the sunlight comes creeping in
Looks like another day’s about to begin

We’ll be slinking through the alley back home
Wishing the sunlight would leave us alone
And then we’ll climb into my coffin
As I’ve had to do so often
It’s only bed that I’ve ever known

Now it’s a brand new night and we feel so refreshed
We’re like a couple baby kittens as we yawn and we stretch
Take off your overcoat and pull down the mesh
And let’s indulge ourselves in each other’s flesh

I like the tasty temptations in the way that you talk
I love the sexy sensations in the way that you walk
I cannot wait to see you outlined in chalk
But let’s take another turn of the clock

And I know I should repent for my sins
Yes, it’s time I started making amends
But as I take the rosary into my hands
I can feel it burning into my skin

And as you approach with that look in your eyes
I can sense your reproach and I finally realize
You don’t really love me, you’re just playing a part
And then you drive a stake through my heart



released October 15, 2021
Words and music by Jemison Thorsby. Produced by Jemison Thorsby with help from Kaia Fischer. Mastered by Olav Christensen. Cover art by Brewton Repton (a.k.a. Peter Wilm) and Jemison Thorsby. ©2020 Jemison Thorsby Music (ASCAP).


all rights reserved



Balthrop, Alabama Brooklyn, New York

A small town band.

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