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Six Feet Apart

by Balthrop, Alabama

I spent a year alone beside the telephone Nobody answers but everyone’s home Maybe somebody will call me back later But we can’t go out anyway And so I’m killing time with the television I could learn a language or take up religion But what kinda god would throw us all together Only to keep us apart It’s breaking my heart Now I could I try to fill the void by stuffing my face But there’s nothing but stale cheerios at my place I meant to go shopping but left it til later Yes, I am the worlds greatest procrastinator Now there’s only mustard in my frigerator So I guess I should suit up and head down the street to the store And then I saw you there in the dairy aisle And I thought that maybe I could see a smile Hiding there just behind the mask And I had to work up the courage to ask you out But as I approached I was filled with doubt And I could still feel my heart reaching out But it’s getting hard to make love anymore Cuz we have to stay six feet apart at the grocery store And though a plague has set upon the land If you let me take you by the hand Then together we will understand What it means it to be in love When I looked up again you had disappeared So I ran down the aisle past the cases of beer And I felt my throat welling up with the fear That I might never see you again But as our eyes meet up at the check out I can feel my heart start to freak out Let’s tear off our masks and just make out In front of everyone But it’s getting hard to make love anymore Cuz we have to stay six feet apart at the grocery store


A love song for 2020. Or maybe in spite of it.

"SO good. Obviously hits extra hard because it’s so real but also it’s a really great song."
—Josh Kaufman of Bonny Light Horseman


released December 25, 2020

Words and music by Jemison Thorsby. Produced by Jemison Thorsby and Grant Fyffe (a.k.a. Kaia Fischer). Cover art by Brewton Repton (a.k.a. Peter Wilm) and Jemison Thorsby. ©2020 Jemison Thorsby Music (ASCAP).


all rights reserved



Balthrop, Alabama Brooklyn, New York

A small town band.

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